Stage 4: Priesca-Casquita


Localidad cerca de Villaviciosa con una extensión de 5,06 km² en la que habitan un total de 519 habitantes


Museo Etnográfico de Grandas de Salime “Pepe el Ferreiro”

El Museo Etnográfico de Grandas de Salime “Pepe el Ferreiro” es un museo público de carácter comarcal, cuya misión es reunir, custodiar, conservar, incrementar, investigar, comunicar y difundir el patrimonio material e inmaterial de carácter etnográfico de las comunidades del Occidente de Asturias. El Museo fue fundado en el año 1984 sobre la base de

The Coastal Way


Capital of the council of the same name, it is the most populated city in Asturias, with more than 250,000 inhabitants in the urban area (and 275,000 in the entire council). It is located between Cape Torres and Punta del Cervigón, around the bay of San Lorenzo. The first documented population settled in Campa Torres,

Stage 1: Oviedo/Uviéu-Grau/Grado


Located on the banks of the Cubia River, near the place where this river meets the Nalón, Grau/Grado is a thriving town, closely linked to commercial activities since ancient times, and its markets are still benchmarks today. A town with a long history, first known as Pramaro and already from the 12th century with its

Stage 1: Oviedo/Uviéu-Grau/Grado


Built in 1848 on a previous building that already served the same purpose. In 1866 the clock tower was added, undergoing several reforms in the 20th century. It is a rectangular building with three floors, with a tower in the corner, with two additional levels. The main façade has a lintel access opening on the

The Coastal Way

Casa de la Rúa

Set of great interest, whose state and transformations make it impossible to study and analyze.

The Coastal Way

Palacio de Miranda

Palace built around a medieval tower to which various rooms and dependencies were added over the centuries. The palatial building has a central body with two floors, the tower being arranged at one end. Inside it has a chapel that houses an image of the Virgen de la Oh. The coat of arms of the

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