Luggage for the Camino

It is very important, when planning the Camino de Santiago, the luggage that will be carried along the route, as well as two fundamental elements: the backpack and the footwear.

The footwear must be comfortable and must have been used several times previously. The large backpack, but not excessive, the 30-liter backpack is recommended, with good lumbar support and with pockets that allow access to various compartments.
Luggage must not exceed 10% of your weight and must include a raincoat or raincoat, a cap or similar and light clothing, preferably quick-drying.

The sleeping bag is essential if you are going to make the Camino through the network of hostels.

Very important, although solidarity and companionship is present throughout the Camino, it is worth taking a small basic first-aid kit. Sunscreen and sunglasses are not to be missed either

If you are going to do the Camino by bicycle: cameras, patches and small tools, chainsaw and bell, the latter will facilitate the warning to people who are on the pilgrimage on foot.

Before the Camino

A previous training must be done with the same shoes and with the same backpack and weight

Prepare the stages well, knowing that many times they can be repeated. It is important to look at the planned accommodation and its standards.

The organization of the luggage will facilitate walking, the heaviest down and close to the back.

Footwear is essential, high boot, waterproof, breathable and not new. Flip-flops must be worn for the use of showers.

First-aid kit: antiseptic, basic healing material, anti-inflammatory, antihistamines, antifungals … they can be elements that are part of it. The one who has the most knowledge is the Health Center of each of the pilgrims, who will make other personalized recommendations.

If you are going to do the Camino by bicycle, a good mechanical review is advisable.

During the Camino

Everyone should walk at their own pace

The abundant intake of water during the stages is essential for good hydration

Hand washing should be frequent

An insect repellent is highly recommended

Avoid walking in low light

Watch your diet and fluids. It is advisable to bring nuts, chocolate, energy bars, fig bread … or any other fast-absorbing food.

You must be respectful with the Camino and with the pilgrims

After the Camino

If you have had any health problem that persists upon arrival at home, you should visit the Health Center.

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