Iglesia de San Martín

Church of pre-Romanesque origin, although from that time it does not retain any remains. Yes, the Romanesque façade has been maintained, although it has been transferred to the current façade of a temple that has been greatly transformed over time and that, as it is presented to us today, is a work of the 20th century for the most part.

It has three naves, a transept and an apse, with two side rooms. A portico supported by columns and semicircular arches precedes the main façade.

The main façade, towards the west, preserves that translated Romanesque façade, semicircular and decorated on the fascia and on the dust cover. Above the façade, an oculus and the double-hollow belfry, finished off in a curved pediment, with a ball on its axis, on which a wrought-iron cross is arranged.


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