Place and parish of Vegadeo, located in the northwestern quadrant of the council, on the right bank of the river Eo, which serves as a boundary with the Lugo municipality of Trabada. The place of Abres is located 70 meters high, having about 300 inhabitants, located on the right slope of the Eo, flanked to the east by the Mount of Espiñeira, occupying a wide plain where several neighborhoods and hamlets are located, such as A Abraira, Grandamea, O Pividal, A Ponte, A Rúa. It was for centuries the last town and stop in Asturias on the Camino de Santiago, which entered Galicia saving an old bridge documented already in late medieval times, called A Ponte Veya, the only one existing in the lower Eo area. The bridge began to suffer from the passage of time at the end of the 17th century, when the stone arches that are propped up with wood began to be dismantled. At the end of the 18th century the arches gave way and the bridge was completely ruined.

Abres was a crossroads thanks to its location at a point in the Eo where it begins to become an estuary, which allows the influence of the tides to arrive and is navigable to a place known as Muelle da Choza. In 1892 the bridge do Fornacho was built, in wood, being rebuilt in 1928 in reinforced concrete.


Grocery store
Bank office
Pilgrims hostel


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