Archivo de Indianos – Quinta Guadalupe

The Indianos Archive and Emigration Museum is located in the monumental Quinta Guadalupe, built between 1905 and 1906 by order of the Indiano Iñigo Noriega Laso, thanks to the enormous fortune that he had managed to amass in Mexico. This Indian never lived, however, in this farm, which had different uses throughout the 20th century, including a hospital residence or a social aid center. At present it houses the main Asturian study and dissemination center on the figure of the Indianos and Asturian emigration to America, with an excellent archive of documentary sources related to this emigration process that marked the life of numerous Asturian councils in the 19th and 20th centuries. On the floors of the palace there is a rich collection on Asturian life in America, with a special impact on the history of the Asturian centers of that continent.

The Quinta Guadalupe is a quadrangular construction with four floors, and two towers flanking the north and south sides, all built with colossal dimensions, typical of an authentic palace. It is surrounded by a large garden.


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