Ayuntamiento de Avilés

Building built between 1670 and 1677, with a project by Juan de Estrada, inspired by the work of Juan de Naveda for the Oviedo city council.

It is located in front of the old wall, between the gates of the Clock and the Ironworks.

The main façade, facing the Plaza de España, has a low arcaded floor, with a succession of midpoint arches supported on pillars, on which are arranged, on the upper floor, lintelled balconies with iron parapets. In the central body, on a semicircular arch wider than the rest, a triple bay opens in the main floor before which a continuous balcony is developed, finishing all this with a triangular pediment and, above, with the tower of the clock and bell tower. Two coats of arms of the city and one of the kingdom preside over that main facade in the area of the balcony and the pediment.


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