Ayuntamiento de Navia

Building built in the eighteenth century and very renovated in the nineteenth. It has a square plan and three floors, with an attic on the lower deck.

The main façade, towards the Plaza de los Concejos and the Camino de Santiago, is structured around a central axis that on the lower floor presents a large access opening, lintelled, on which there is a large balcony overhang extended towards the windows flanking that central axis. On the balcony, there appears on the second floor, a shield supported by two lions (in which the arms of the Avella, the Sierra, the Coronas and the Navia are represented) and, above, slightly displaced to the left, a clock of 1885, crowned by a bell chime. Lintel windows are arranged on both sides of the central axis, at the rate of one for each end of the main façade.


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