Calle Alameda

Sample of the first expansion of the town, with land desiccated and reclaimed from the estuary, the current street front offers a variety of styles and construction models that even date back to the middle of the 19th century (Villamil house). On the other hand, it expresses the transformations, alterations and substitutions that have occurred over time. Allied to recent constructions, there are fin de siècle buildings, others with a certain Decó omodemist inspiration, being mostly prior to the 1920s.

All this results in a set with a certain harmony, without great contrasts in height, and despite combining different façade treatments, such as the different decorations on the canvases (colored stucco, tiles, paint, etc.), the succession of holes of different dimensions In which, however, there is an abundance of the various forms of flush balcony (stone bevels, cast iron lattices …), lintel windows or with lowered arches, galleries and comisas.

Despite the replacement of several buildings, the greatest transformations have taken place in the commercial areas.


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