Capilla de los Alas

Funerary chapel attached to the church of the Franciscan Fathers but which is only accessible from the outside, through a passageway that connects it with Calle Ferrería and the Camino de Santiago.

It is a construction from 1346, with a square plan and a single freestanding façade, configured around a large portal with a double pointed arch that presents as decorative elements human heads carved in stone. A small coat of arms of the Alas family appears above the cover, finishing the canvas with a cornice with corbels and an eaves in tejaroz. The entire construction is made of stone blocks.

Inside there are five tombstones, four on the pavement itself and a fifth perpendicular. On the side walls there are four tombs under arcosolio, two on each side. The roof is quadripartite ribbed.


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