Capilla de Santa Ana

Chapel of the old pilgrim hospital of Xarrio, founded in 1370. After its disappearance, it became dependent in 1892 on the parish of Folgueras.

The current building is the result of the reconstruction carried out after the War of Independence.

It has a rectangular plan, with a single nave-presbytery, preceded by a covered portico developed between the prolongation of the walls of the nave and which is accessed through a staircase with four steps.

The main façade, behind the portico, has a triple street separated by stonework pilasters. In the center there is a lintel door, while in the side streets there are two small oculi. Topping the central street there is a large belfry, with a single span and a cross finish, being decorated with pinnacles topped in ball.

Inside it preserves an altarpiece from 1937, with the image of Santa Ana.


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