Casa de los Hevia

Construction of late medieval origin, around the 15th century, subjected to different remodeling and reforms over time, the last at the beginning of the 21st century to adapt it to a new cultural use, having added at that time a new structure to the original building. King Carlos I stayed in this building for a week on the occasion of his landing in Tazones in 1521, when the young king’s first trip from Flanders to Spain took place. The room where the sovereign slept is preserved inside the building, with period decoration. The historic building has a rectangular plan and three levels. On the lower floor there is an ogival arch that serves as access to the building. The first floor is occupied by a corridor with wooden balusters located in front of three lintelled openings, between which there are two shields with the imperial eagle. In it, three windows with wooden windows open. This historic building develops between stone firebreaks.


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