Casa natal de Caveda y Nava

17th century mansion where José Caveda y Nava was born in 1796, a man of great relevance in the 19th century Asturian, intellectual and student of Asturian politics, economics or culture. This is a building with a very long floor plan, typical of the medieval plot in the center of Villaviciosa. The main façade faces Calle Caveda y Nava, being built in well-carved stone ashlars, with two narrow floors in which three openings are opened on each level, counting on the upper floor with a central balcony next to which the Caveda shield.

On the façade towards the square and, therefore, towards the Camino de Santiago, a great longitudinal development can be observed on the two floors, in which there are lintelled openings, surrounded by ashlars with the typical baroque ear molding. This façade is built in white plastered stone masonry, reserving the ashlars for these recesses and for the corners.

On the two floors of the building there is an attic of great development.


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