Casa palacio de San Justo

This house or palace of San Justo has its origin in an eighteenth century property that was later reformed until it acquired its current configuration, in the historicist Gothic style.

It is a complex bounded by a high stone wall, which has a main building inside and a chapel located on the perimeter of the plot, attached to the closing wall.

The house has a rectangular floor plan and three heights, presenting on its right flank (as seen from the Camino de Santiago) a space in the shape of a tower, topped by a very marked triangular pediment, crowned by a pinnacle. In that pediment there is the coat of arms of the Menéndez de L.luarca family.

The chapel has a rectangular floor plan with a single nave and straight head, its main façade being located on the long side that faces the exterior of the property, visible from the Jacobean route.


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