Colegio José García Fernández

Founded in 1911 at the initiative of José García Fernández (an Indian who emigrated to Argentina), it is an educational institution managed since then by the Daughters of Charity of Saint Vincent de Paul.

It is a rectangular building with two more undercover floors. The main façade, which faces the Camino de Santiago, is configured symmetrically, with a central axis of three heights, and two lateral wings of two. In the central axis, the access door is arranged on the ground floor, on a small stone staircase. This door, with a semicircular arch, is flanked by two small windows, also with a semicircular arch, on which an impost line marks the transition to the first floor, which has three semicircular arched windows preceded by balconies. made of stone, on which the inscription “Colegio JCF” is located. Above, a large square window that illuminates the undercover space. In the two lateral wings the same scheme is repeated on its two levels: three middle arched windows on each floor.

Several inscriptions refer to the founding of the school in 1911 and its centenary.


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