Escuela de Agricultura de Pión

Building originally dedicated to a practical school of agriculture, as indicated by the legend that presides over the façade. It is a building with a rectangular floor plan with two heights, highlighting a central body in which, in addition, there is an undercover, which is illuminated with a large oculus located in the central axis of the building, and two rectangular openings.

This institution was founded in 1915 on the initiative and promotion of the Indiano Ramón Álvarez de Arribas and his wife, Emilia Luisa Jougntaling and McCord, emigrants in Cuba who in their will provide for the creation of this practical school, which in 1962 will become a public center of primary education, currently integrated in the grouped rural center of La Marina de Villaviciosa. Initially the school had a stable, rehabilitated for artisan uses.


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