Gota de Leche

Building built between 1922 and 1924 with a project by the architect Miguel García de la Cruz. It combines different historicist styles, highlighting the mountain, also counting on decorative details that bring it closer to modernism, so in vogue in those years. The building has a plan tending to the triangle and three floors, being topped at both ends by two taller towers with a strong presence. The interior and exterior decorative profusion of the building stands out, being abundant the ceramic tiles from Talavera in which scenes related to the original function of a building that currently houses municipal offices are represented.

Originally it was intended to house different social facilities, each with its own access from the outside: Casa del Niño, a childcare institute and a milk dispenser (from which the name by which the whole building is known) derives.

This was the first facility built at the initiative of Dr. Avelino González Fernández, from his position as head of the Local Board for the Protection of Minors, eventually completing his work with the neighboring buildings of the current Casa Rosada and the old Palace of Justice.


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