Ídolo de Peña Tú

Located on the Sierra de Cuera Sur, an enclave located on a wide sector of the Llanisco coastline facing north. Outstanding site, possibly a tomb of a relevant personality of approximately 4000 years (transition from the Copper Age to the Bronze Age). In it we find artistic manifestations all of them painted in red. It measures approximately 1.10 meters high and it is a highly geometric representation of an anthropomorphic being, possibly a chief or a warrior, perhaps enriched by the control and trade of certain economic resources such as copper, salt, cereals … along with very schematics that represent human beings as well as concentrations of points and some other figurines. The most remarkable thing is the great anthropomorphic figure, it is found on the right side where the aforementioned idol appears with his weapon. It was discovered in 1914 and declared a National Monument (today a Site of Cultural Interest) ten years later.


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