Iglesia de San Antolín

Church of pre-Romanesque origin, time of which it conserves several corbels. The current building dates from 1792. From the original construction six corbels are preserved (four in the portico and two in the sacristy), while from a later Romanesque period they are the triumphal arch inside the church and the vault of the chapel. .

The church has a nave with a flat roof and a straight head that is extended with the sacristy. The west portal is lintelled, with the date 1792 engraved on its lintel, alluding to the rebuilding. On the south side it has a semicircular arch portal with large voussoirs under a duster, with a Renaissance design. The church has a closed portico on the west side, which on the south side opens in part, presenting a gallery of stone columns supported by a stone wall, next to the access opening from the outside.


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