Iglesia de San Juan de Amandi

Romanesque church built in the 13th century (although an inscription dates it to 1134, a date not credible due to the style of the building). In 1281 it was ceded to the Abbot of Valdediós. In the seventeenth century its west portico was built and in 1755 it would be rebuilt.

It has a large rectangular nave and a semicircular apse, with a sacristy attached to the north side and a large portico to the south and west.

Great decorative richness, with numerous figurative, chess, vegetable and geometric motifs. The west portal has four pointed archivolts with zigzag decoration, tetrapetalas and rostrated heads. The south portal has tetrapetal decoration on the dust cover. The apse has attached columns and two horizontal bands with decoration of straight and oblique tack and quadrifolias. Inside, the apse is covered by a double arcade with abundant decoration, including scenes of the sacrifice of Isaac, original sin, Jacob’s fight with the angel, a Pantocrator or the hunting of the wild boar, to name just a few.

The building was transferred from ashlar to ashlar to its current location between 1780 and 1796.


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