Iglesia de San Miguel

Of medieval origin, the current building dates from the 18th century, having a Latin cross floor plan, with a single nave, with a side chapel that make up a kind of transept, and a polygonal head end. The exterior has a closed portico, developed in front of the main facade that shows, on this portico, a central hole with a curved pediment ending, showing in this space a sculpted image of Saint Michael. Topping off the façade, a double-height belfry, with two holes in the lower area and one in the upper one, on which a curved pediment stands.

On the main cover you can read two inscriptions alluding to the foundation of the temple: “Being Qura di Francisco Fernz Blanco”, on the right, and on the left: “This church began in 1796 and was completed in 1800”.


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