Iglesia de San Salvador

Church already mentioned in 1057 in a donation to the Cathedral of Oviedo, although the current building is the result of the reform inaugurated in 1921, in neo-Gothic style, with a project by the architect Luis García Bellido

It is a building with a Greek cross plan with a single nave, a highly developed transept, and a straight apse, with annexes dedicated to the sacristy and auxiliary spaces. Outside it has a portico on the sura side, supported by a wall projecting from the transept.

The main façade has a bell tower that presents on its ground floor an access hole to the temple, conceived in the manner of a Romanesque façade. Above that opening, in the first one, a geminated window appears, while on a second level there are three lintelled openings, on which the bell tower is located, opened by a lintelled opening on each flank of the tower, which is finished off with a chamfer in a pyramidal shape, with a cross finish.


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