Iglesia de Santa María de la Oliva

Church built shortly after 1270, the date of the granting of the charter populates Villaviciosa by King Alfonso X. It is a transitional building between Romanesque and Gothic, with a rectangular floor plan, with a single nave and rectangular chevet, with sacristy and portico attached to the south wall. The south portal has two smooth archivolts supported by two columns on each side, presenting their capitals with zoomorphic and anthropomorphic motifs. On the west façade, directly adjacent to the Camino de Santiago, the main portal is erected, in a proto-Gothic style, with four archivolts decorated with tetrapetal and zig-zag motifs, and with eight columns with historiated capitals, in one of which is represented to a piper. In the key of this cover appears the Virgin with the Child, an openwork rose window opening on top.

The temple is built with stone blocks, covering the nave with two waters and the head with three.


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