Iglesia de Santiago

Church of medieval origin but which acquired its current configuration in the 18th century, thanks to the patronage of Domingo Antoio Trelles Navia y Villamil, who financed in 1707 the reform of the main nave, the side chapels and the tribune. Another later benefactor would be the Fernández del Cueto family.

The building has a Latin cross plan with a nave and side chapels in the transept. The headboard is straight.

Outside, it has a covered portico supported by columns on a wall. At the foot of the main nave there is a bell tower, open on the lower floor by means of a semicircular arch, which communicates with the entrance to the building. On this arch, two sections, square and octagonal respectively, are developed in the tower, opened by an oculus and semicircular openings in the area of ​​the bell tower. The tower is finished off with a pyramidal spire.

Inside it has outstanding 18th century altarpieces and an image of Santiago Matamoros from the 17th century, from the old pilgrim hospital in L.luarca.


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