Iglesia de Santiago del Monte

Parish temple badly damaged during the civil war, after which it had to be rebuilt, acquiring its current conformation, in which previous elements such as the chevet survive.

It has a rectangular floor plan and a single nave, with a transept and two side chapels in that area. The head is rectangular, opening to it the small rooms corresponding to the sacristy and a small chapel. Towards the south, to the outside, it has a portico supported by cast iron columns, while the main façade, which is the one that faces the Camino de Santiago on its approach to this temple, is presented as a body of marked verticality, with the span access on the ground floor, in the shape of a rectangle topped by a lowered arch. Above, a small oculus, and behind a line of impost, two blind windows, heirs of the old construction. The façade is crowned by the bell tower or belfry, with a double hole and bells each, ending in a triangular shape, with decoration of balls on prisms and a stone cross in the central axis.


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