Iglesia de Santiago el Mayor

Church of pre-Romanesque origin, much transformed over time, the current building corresponding for the most part to the reform carried out in the 16th century, preserving three small pre-Romanesque windows from the 10th century from the initial factory, as well as several capitals from the Romanesque period. It is a church with a rectangular plan, with a single nave with a lintel roof, a square chevet with a starry vault and two side chapels, as well as two sacristies and a portico on the south and west side, closed in the latter case and semi-open on the south flank. with a low wall on which stone columns are arranged that support the roof.

The doorway on the south flank is Romanesque, semicircular, while the main door, on the west side, is configured as a semicircular arch with large voussoirs, framed by a pair of columns that support a classicist pediment.


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