La Pola Siero

Capital of the council of Siero, it has a population of over 10,000 inhabitants. It is located in an area of ​​soft relief in the valley of the river Nora, at an altitude of 209 meters, at a crossroads. The origin of the town is in the foundation in 1141 of a hospital house for pilgrims by María Ordóñez, in the so-called San Pedro shelter, the first documentary reference to what would later become La Pola. In 1270, King Alfonso X granted La Pola a charter, which included various privileges, including holding a weekly market every Tuesday and becoming the head of the extensive council of Siero. The oldest area of ​​the town is located in the Plaza de Les Campes and the surroundings of the parish church, around the original pilgrims’ hostel. From this center the population plan was expanded. La Pola stands out today for its commercial strength and for its markets.


  • Restaurant
  • Grocery store
  • Bank office
  • Pilgrims hostel
  • Clinic


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