Town and parish, capital of the council of L.luarca, located to the north of the council. The altitude of the town ranges between 1 meter and 50. Population of just over 5000 inhabitants, located on the shore of the Cantabrian Sea, staggered on a steep slope where the Negro River flows, whose channel separates the town into two sectors, joined by seven bridges. It has a fishing port, one of the most important in Asturias until the 19th century.

The town charter of Valdés was granted by King Alfonso X the Wise on May 29, 1270, establishing the territorial terms and tax exemptions, the annual taxes. King Alfonso XI granted him on April 28, 1338 the privilege of having a storehouse or salt warehouse, which involved the importation of salt from the French port of La Rochela, the sale on site and the distribution between towns and villages. dependent markets. The enjoyment of the storehouse allowed L.luarca to develop canning industries. During the Modern Age it had an important fishing and commercial port.


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