Monasterio de San Antolín

The history of the monastery dates back to the 10th century, being founded by the Count of Munazán, Munio Rodríguez Can. In 1205 the construction of the current Romanesque church would begin, passing the monastery to join with that of San Salvador de Celoriu in 1543. In 1801 the parish church was moved to the neighboring town of Naves, closing that of San Antolín to worship.

The Romanesque church of San Antolín de Bedón has three naves and three semicircular apses, with an outstanding transept in plan and height. The west portal, flared, has five archivolts, developing in a body that protrudes from the facade and is delimited by two separate buttresses. Finish off with a bulrush no longer bells. The south façade has a portal similar to the previous one, based on archivolts that are supported by pilasters.

Next to the church there are several constructions linked to the old monastery, such as a building that has two inscriptions on the façade, one from 1715 and the other from 1738, as well as a shield with a castle and a rampant lion.


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