Monasterio de San Vicente

Monumental complex configured between the 8th and 18th centuries, linked to the very origin of the city of Oviedo at the time of the Asturian monarchy. At present it is divided into two large spaces: the first is the one developed around the primitive cloister, currently configured as a work of 1575 by the architect Juan de Badajoz, carried out in a classicist style, to which Manuel de Reguera adds in 1775 an upper floor. enlarged in 1775. This space is currently the Archaeological Museum of Asturias, in which testimonies of the flow of human presence in the Asturian territory from prehistory to the Middle Ages are preserved, including a recreation of the cell that in the monastery In the eighteenth century the well-known illustrated Benito Feijóo occupied, whose statue presides over the other cloister of the old monastery, around which the second large space of the complex is configured, the one built between the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries as an extension of the initial one, to which joins by means of an arch on San Vicente street. This second space currently houses the Faculty of Psychology of the University of Oviedo. Together with these two areas, the complex is completed by the old monastic church, today the parish of Santa María de la Corte.


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