Palacio de los marqueses de Argüelles

Building promoted by Ramón de Argüelles, Marquis of Argüelles, as a wedding gift for his daughter María Josefa de Argüelles, heir to the title. This was his summer residence and a meeting point for the llanisca high society of the early twentieth century.

The building is the result of a project by the local contractor Juan Sordo Mijares, inspired by the Vistahermosa palace in Madrid. It is a mansion with a rectangular floor plan, with a basement and two floors, in a neoclassical style, very contained.

The main façade, reminiscent of an Italian Renaissance villa in its design, has a large triangular pediment-shaped finish. On the upper floor there is a large balcony with a stone parapet along the three central openings. On the lower floor, a double-section exterior staircase leads to the main door.


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