Palacio de los marqueses de Ferrera

The palace has its origin in a defensive tower from the 13th century, around which the building was developed, which today is structured around three bodies, adapted to the space of this steep street. The main body is located perpendicular to the street and the Camino de Santiago (currently housing the L.luarca House of Culture), while the oldest nucleus of the complex rises on the other side of the street (being the current headquarters of the police), both structures being linked by an elevated walkway that runs over the street. The chapel is located on the rear façade, the third body of the building, also connected to the complex by another passageway.

The main façade, adjacent to the Camino, opens to the outside through a large middle arch, with its highly developed voussoirs, in which the entrance door is located, flanked by small lintel windows. On the upper floor there are, displaced to the right of the axis that defines the door, two openings, like a flush balcony, above the access door, this façade corresponding to the 15th or early 16th century.


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