Palacio de Partarríu o Villa Parres

Mansion completed in 1908 commissioned by José Parres Sobrino, an eminent politician from the turn of the 19th to the 20th century, who held positions as a deputy or senator, belonging to a family of wealthy Indians who promoted, together with others, the urbanization of the street Pidal, along which the Camino de Santiago runs as it runs towards the center of the capital of Llanisca.

The mansion, surrounded by a large estate once the seat of an outstanding garden, all delimited by a stone fence and wrought iron fence facing the street, has two floors, an attic and a tower, its floor being a square from which they stand out in each side bodies very developed in height and that advance on this quadrangular plan. The main facade is articulated around a central axis which is accessed by a double access staircase in parallel to the facade of the building and is topped by a tower.

Numerous decorative elements enrich the façade, in the case of the alternation of lintel windows and openings with others with a half-point arch finish, as well as stone finishes in the shape of pyramids, vases or large balls.


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