Palacio de Valdecarzana

The façade is the only architectural element that remains of the old Valdecarzana palace, which emerged in the late Middle Ages and was the seat of one of the great noble families of Asturias.

This doorway to the old palace plot is the work of Juan de Cerecedo, and is built on the basis of regular ashlars, which make up an access opening in the form of a large semicircular arch, flanked by two semicircular towers, attached to the wall, being The whole complex is topped by a very salient cornice on which a row of merlons is arranged that end in balls. In the center of the cornice or frieze is the shield of the Cienfuegos family, flanked by six other shields of families linked to the palace.

In the rest of the plot the ruins of the old construction are preserved, a late medieval tower and the palace house that developed around it and that was used as a barracks by the French during their occupation of Asturias in 1809.


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