Palacio de Valdecarzana o Casa de Baragaña

It is one of the oldest civil buildings that are preserved in Asturias, from the Gothic period (14th century), in which tradition indicates that King Pedro I the Cruel or the Justiciero stayed. From that initial period of construction, the façade that faces Calle de la Ferrería, along which the Jacobean route runs, is preserved.

On the ground floor, this medieval façade has two doors configured as pointed arches, which were possibly the access to businesses located in that part of the building. Above these doors there is a wide intermediate section of blind construction, without holes, made, like the entire façade, from rectangular stone blocks. In the middle of this structure there is a line made up of six corbels that would surely support a portico or porch in ancient times. Above them, and above a molding line, four semi-circular arched twin windows appear.

The building underwent various reforms and restructuring over the centuries, currently housing the municipal archive of Avilés.


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