Parque del Muelle

Park settled around 1890 on the desiccated marsh land of the old Pharaoh’s field, with traces of the municipal architect Ricardo Marcos Bausá. The iron statues were acquired by the municipality in 1876. At one end of the main hall or avenue is located the Fuente de la Glorieta, a fountain dedicated to the genius of the waters, which consists of a square ashlar pylon with straight sections and large central cast iron pedestal with spouts, culminating in the mythological figure of classicist aesthetics. The bandstand dates from 1894, being a light structure on an octagonal masonry base that supports eight cast iron columns and the roof, with a central dome and four smaller ones. The monument to Pedro Menéndez de Avilés is from 1917, the work of the Valencian Manuel Garci-González. It is located in a circular square at the end of the main hall of the park, consisting of a quadrangular basement with triple stairways on each flank, a high pedestal with decorative reliefs and angled sculptures, and the sculpture of the Adelantado made in bronze, in the manner of a warrior hero. . The Adelantado wears short pants, cuirass with the Cross of Santiago, gola and uncovers his head holding the cap on his chest with his left hand, wielding a sword with his right.


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