Capital of the council of Castrillón, integrated in the parish of Laspra. It is located in the valley of the river Ferrota, at an altitude of 30 meters. It has about 9,000 inhabitants. Since ancient capital of the council, the meeting of its city council has been confirmed here since the 16th century, although urban growth was experienced intensely in the 1960s.

L-shaped plan made up of the avenues of Galicia and Eysines and that of the mayor José Fernandín. Among its cultural heritage, the building of the original town hall, the Casa de Riesgo, from the 18th century, or the town hall built in 1893, along whose rear facade passes the Camino de Santiago, stands out. The proximity to Avilés and its status as a bedroom town explains the great population growth in recent decades.


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