Plaza de los Hermanos Orbón

Market built between 1882 and 1883, with a project by Javier Aguirre and J. Morán Lavandera.

It is configured as a large rectangle whose perimeter is made up of 28 plots in which there are as many residential buildings that were initially four stories high, the lower one corresponding to commercial premises, the main two to houses, open to the outside through flush balconies and flown, and the fourth level being occupied by dormers.

This perimeter of houses is articulated around a central patio, towards which the rear part of the buildings is arranged, which in the two intermediate floors are configured as wooden galleries painted in white, with windows very compartmentalized in small squares . The lower floor facing the patio is shaped as a supported space, supported by cast iron columns linked by arches.

Access to the market is through four passages located in the center of each side of the rectangle.

Inside the courtyard of this block is the market, testimony of iron architecture, with a rectangular plan that is closed off by brick walls.


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