Villa de Los Barquitos o de Juan Noriega

House designed by the great Asturian architect Enrique Rodríguez Bustelo in 1923, commissioned by Juan Noriega Sordo, a resident of Cue who emigrated to Mexico, where he made money that on his return allowed him to build this house, which receives its name from “Los Boats ”from the pension that was located here for a long time.

It is a mountain-style chalet with a cubic floor plan, compact, with a staircase on one side. The main façade, developed between firebreak walls of extensive development, has a corridor on the upper floor, extended in plan over the entrance hall of the lower level, of very little development and which is accessed by an external stone staircase. The lateral facades are solved in a simpler way, being present in the same balconies with iron bars and lintel openings.

The house is located in an elevated position with respect to the environment, within a large estate delimited by a stone wall and cast iron fence.


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