Capital town of the parish of the same name, located at an altitude of 898 meters, on a plain located between the heights of Piedras Rubias and Pena Bernaz, where the regional highways AS-14 and AS-34 connect.

Berducedo had a pilgrim hospital that would have been founded at the end of the Middle Ages. It is cited in the Ensenada Cadastre, from the mid-18th century, as a hospital for the poor, pilgrims and passengers. The building where the hostel was located was preserved until 1980. It had on its lintel the inscriptions “HOSTEL D POOR PILGRIMS YEARS 1785” and “IT WAS REDIFIED IN THE YEAR OF 1785 BEING ITS PATRON AND BENEFICIAL DON JOSEF ALBAREZ LOZANO”.

At present Berducedo is once again a nucleus of great importance within the Camino Primitivo de Santiago, with a pilgrims’ hostel of municipal ownership, located in the old schools, and with several private centers.

image12 3 Berducedo

image13 3 Berducedo


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