Capital town of the parish of the same name, located around the regional highway AS-219, at an altitude of 660 meters. It has a hundred inhabitants, largely dedicated to livestock activities.

The documentation proves that what is possibly the first pilgrim hospital in Jacobean history was located in Oubona, already mentioned in 883 in a land donation made by the Asturian king Alfonso III to the Compostela church in exchange for its founding a center for assistance to pilgrims.

In 1143, King Alfonso VIII would have ceded this center to a military man, Gonzalo Menéndez de Tinéu. In the 18th century it belonged to the Sangoñedo family.

This primitive hospital would be located in the area where the town’s cemetery currently sits, the building having been demolished in 1918. Once the hospital stopped providing its services, the custom was established in Bourres that one of its houses would reserve a room for possible pilgrims, a sign of the deep-rooted care activity had in this population. When at the end of the 20th century the rebirth of the Jacobean pilgrimages was witnessed, the Asturian and Tinetense Administration promoted the creation of a public pilgrims’ hostel in the old schools of Bourres, thus giving continuity to a millenary history of service and attention to the pilgrims.


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