Capilla de los Dolores

Chapel linked to the neighboring palace of Valdecarzana (to which it was planned to unite by means of an elevated passageway that never materialized), built with a project by the Santander architect Francisco de la Riva Ladrón de Guevara, commissioned by the third Marquis of Valdecarzana.
Rectangular, it has a nave divided into three sections, the first being the highest and covered with a dome, while the other two are covered with a barrel vault. The head, with a straight plan, incorporates a sacristy and a crypt. The interior is profusely appearing on the walls of ashlar caissons that make up rhombuses in alternating bands.
The main façade is articulated in three levels. In the lower one, the access door, lintelled, on which there is a large semicircular arch flanked by pilasters and around which four windows are arranged, two blocks closer to the pilasters and another two vertically arranged above the the same, diagonally towards the ends of the facade. Above, there is an impost line, a section of blind wall and, finally, the double-hollow belfry.


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