Casa de los Arcos o los Díaz Miranda

Location: Plaza del General Llano Ponte

Rectangular building, with a ground floor and two floors. In the two lower levels it presents perfectly squared stone ashlars to the outside, while the second floor is built in plastered masonry.

The façade towards the square has two semicircular arches in its lower part that form the access to a porch, on which the upper floors are developed. The first, has a balcony in the central axis, preceded by a rich decoration based on wrought iron, and flanked by two small square windows, as well as the box in which a shield was located that is not preserved. On this floor an additional height was raised in the 19th century, resolved towards the square with three balconies flush with iron parapets.

Another façade of this building faces the Plaza del Ayuntamiento, presenting a more disorderly arrangement, alternating balconies of different types and a wide gallery on the second floor.


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