Casa de los Fernández-Miranda

Location: Plaza del General Llano Ponte and back to the Plaza del Ayuntamiento

Building from the end of the 18th century with reforms and additions in the 19th and 20th centuries. Belonging to the Llano Ponte family, it is a building with a ground floor and two floors, whose main façade faces the Plaza de General Llano Ponte and the side towards the Plaza del Ayuntamiento.

The main façade is structured in three streets separated from each other by pilasters with capitals on the upper floors. In this façade there are lintel openings, corresponding on the ground floor to doors and on the upper floors to flush balconies with wrought iron parapets.

The rear façade has a ground floor with a portico supported by iron columns, on which a first level rises based on three flush balconies crowned by small triangular pediments, while on the second floor there is a gallery of wood and glass.


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