Casa de Tejeiro

Location: Plaza del General Llano Ponte

Construction of 1798 (as recorded in the inscription engraved on the lintel of one of the doors), promoted by José Antonio González.

It is a rectangular-plan building with a ground floor and two floors and four facades, two towards the Plaza del General Llano Ponte and others towards two streets.

On the lower floor there are several openings, renovated over time, to house different commercial establishments, while on the first floor the cantilevered balconies alternate with flush balconies, in both cases preceded by cast iron bars. All of them are framed by rich moldings that imitate ears from the Baroque period.

On the upper floor there are, at the ends of the two façades facing Plaça de Llano Ponte, cantilevered balconies in the shape of a console, framing a succession of windows under interconnected semicircular arches. Topping off the façade, in the axis of these two facades, two individual coffered ceilings finished in a triangular pediment, under which two semicircular arched windows open.


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