Casa palacete de D. Indalecio Corujedo

Location: Plaza de Indalecio Corujedo 5

Building promoted by the Indian Juan Fernández Bao, enriched in Cuba and father-in-law of the deputy Indalecio Corujedo, by whose name the palace is now known.

Work from the late 19th or early 20th centuries, designed by the architect Juan Miguel de la Guardia, in an eclectic style of French inspiration.

Rectangular building with a façade on three streets, with a ground floor, one height and undercover open to the outside by means of mansards.

The corner is resolved in the form of a chamfer, with a lintel bay on the ground floor and a glass and wood gallery on the upper floor, while on the long facades there are lintel bays on the ground floor (including the one corresponding to the door) and the raised-floor semicircular arched balconies.


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