Casa Xanzo o de Malleza

Building known as Casa Xanzo or de los Malleza, which according to some sources was a stagecoach stop in the 16th century.

It has a rectangular ground plan with two heights.

The main facade, towards the Camino de Santiago, is located on one of the short sides. It has a single hole on the lower floor, corresponding to the access door, flat and recessed with respect to the current level of the road surface. Above this door, on the upper floor, there is a cantilevered balcony, with an iron parapet, and next to it a small square window. Above, between both elements, appears the shield with the arms of the Miranda, the Cuevo and the Doña Palla or Ponte.

On the side façade there are several small holes, including some in the form of loopholes.

What has survived to this day is a part of the original construction, the courtyard having been lost.


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