Grandas de Salime

Capital of the council of Grandas de Salime. It is located at an altitude of 560 meters, on a hillside. It has about 600 inhabitants.

Grandas de Salime is a town closely linked to the Camino de Santiago. Its own urban structure attests to a spatial growth around the itinerary of the Jacobean route, whose passage through the town has been attested at least since 1222, when the monarch Alfonso IX granted it the privilege of making the pilgrimage itinerary run through here . However, it is certain that before that date pilgrims were already crossing the territory of the current Grandas de Salime, who would find help in the monastery of San Salvador de Grandas de Salime already mentioned in a document from 972. In 1186 that monastery became a collegiate church, having thus come to our days.

The documentation indicates that already in the 16th century Grandas de Salime had a pilgrim hospital, located in the vicinity of the current Ethnographic Museum, in the Las Campas neighborhood. It would be a large house with three floors and a traditional masonry factory with a slate roof. Unlike other hospitals, dependent on the crown, the bishopric or a monastery, this center in Grandas de Salime depended on an individual, who was responsible for providing a roof and blanket to sleep the pilgrims. The hospital was sold to a private individual in 1805, this being the last documented news of this institution.

During the last decades, Grandas de Salime once again had a pilgrims’ hostel, owned by the municipality, currently located in the old health center of the capital of Granada.


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