Iglesia de San Francisco

Church of the old monastery of San Francisco de Tinéu, an institution founded between 1267 and 1273, much reformed in later times. After the confiscation, the church became a parish temple in Tinéu in 1880.

The church has a single nave and a straight head. In modern times, several chapels were opened to the nave, such as that of Merás, promoted in 1613 and made with a design by Gonzalo de Güemes Bracamonte, financed by Pedro de Merás de la Plaza, conceived as a pantheon of his family. This chapel has a Latin cross plan and is in a classicist style.

In the main chapel there is an inscription alluding to the promotion of Diego García de Tinéu, X lord of the House of Tinéu, between 1607 and 1626. The main altarpiece dates from 1796, being the work of the brothers Francisco, José Ignacio and Juan Pruneda Channel.

The façade has a portico on the ground floor, four windows with semicircular arches on the upper floor, finishing off everything with the 17th century bell tower. The second floor dates from the 20th century. The door is from the 16th century, made of oak wood with hardware.

Inside the church is the Tinéu Museum of Sacred Art, founded in 1996, promoted by the parish priest Cándido García Tomás and Tinetenses neighborhood groups.


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