Iglesia de Santa María

Church founded in the 12th century that has reached our days very transformed due to the reforms carried out between the 18th and 20th centuries, conserving only a Romanesque arch located to the left of the tower from the initial period.
It is a temple with a rectangular floor plan, with a single nave and a very prominent head in plan and height, with several side chapels that make up a kind of transept, in addition to the sacristy. It has a portico attached to the south facade.
At the foot of the nave, forming the main façade (which is the one that faces directly from the Camino de Santiago), there is a tall tower with three sections, in a historicist style, built in 1929. This tower opens on the ground floor by means of a large pointed arch, of remarkable height, while in the upper sections of the structure there is a small window and the bell tower, open on all four sides by means of semicircular arches.


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