La Espina

La Espina is the capital of the parish of the same name, being the last town in the council of Salas through which the Camino Primitivo de Santiago runs. It is located in a strategic place for communications in western Asturias, on a plain from which different roads lead to the coast and the interior.

The relationship of La Espina with the Camino de Santiago is very old, there is a document from the year 883 that records the donation, by King Alfonso III of different goods to the Compostela church to found institutions of assistance to the pilgrim, one of them in this population. Later, in 1268, a new document certifies the existence of a pilgrim hospital in La Espina, under the patronage of the Archbishop of Compostela. Centuries later, the inquisitor of Salense origin Fernando de Salas (whose mausoleum is located in the Collegiate Church of Salas, at the beginning of this stage) founded another pilgrim hospital in La Espina dedicated to Saint Peter.


  • Restaurant
  • Food store
  • Bank office
  • Pilgrims hostel
  • Clinic


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